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Office Politics, Good or Bad?

Want to begin with Office politics as a topic, a very prominent,"openly"unspoken and a strong one indeed. 
For most of you, doesn't politics as a word brings in pessimistic thoughts, is it because of the way we are programmed or programmed our self? or is it because of the derived human nature of thinking negative before thinking positive or being more pessimistic than optimism?
Politics can be defined as good or bad based on experience of an individual, it is a perception which we create by perceving things/situations.
Office politics is highly unspoken and mostly used and has no rules, in stronger organisations it would help built trust, postivity and urge to achieve more. Weaker organisations would simple succumb to politics, it would encourage fear and distrust.
Staying away from it is like staying away from the sun :).. not possible, it is like something which is inevitable, bound to happen, Just like Murphy’s law.
Being a part of it?- This can be or cannot be your choic…