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What is Ergonomics?- No work after 5 pm? And 4 days work week, How sweet is that?

This topic isn’t about the cliche discussion of Work Life Balance, but i would say it is something which will impact work life balance for sure for many of us and the way we are working.

Someone is really researching ergonomics (the study of people's efficiency in their working environment) and implementing it for sure, glad to know it is impacting positively.
The recent decision ( not sure if it is a pilot for some months and results of this decision is still not published) by Amit Agarwal - Amazon India Head to its employees not to answer calls and emails after office working hours is path breaking and a bold decision when rest of other organisations associated with Amazon are working as usual. Can only imagine the disruption and the impact of this decision in other organisations. Amit also advised of not to take any decisions between 6pm and 8am. Seriously, not sure how are they going to survive! but is it just the beginning of a change or a trend for others to follow? Or just ano…