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Worlds First – Artificial Intelligent News Reporter unveiled

Artificial Intelligent New Reporter!!, with all due respect to the news reporters, first of all it is so difficult to believe many of these news reporters, fake and manipulated news, mostly driven by political impression. But even after all of this AI thing, believing the news is still going to be the same - Pun Intended only 😊

You will find here the introductory video and the first news presented by the world’s first AI Anchor.
This amazing development and initiation is a partnership between Xinhua News Agency, China’s official state-run media outlet, and, a Chinese search engine company, Although, It is still in the “Uncanny Valley”- a term used to describe human-like robots and avatars which seem subtly unrealistic.”, but there are always gradual improvements in any development or program, cannot wait to see how real can this become, where it would still be in the Uncanny Valley but for Humans.
Personally, I am a Fan of AI, the eruption of the AI era is just getting divulge…