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Two Whatsapp account in one Phone? - how is this possible!!

How Awesome it is to use one mobile device with two whatsapp application with two different numbers! not just whatsapp but Instagram!, Facebook! , Facebook Messenger! and many more.

When you can have two sim cards in one mobile device to manage calls, then why not use the same single mobile device for using two whatsapp applications?

Yes! what you see in the above image is true, you will have two whatsapp applications installed in your single mobile device and yes you can configure two different numbers in these two similar apps.
For many this would be known, for others this would be like a blessing, just like me!
and yes - you would not even need a dual sim mobile device, but yes you will need two numbers :) 

Mostly all mobile devices are launched with dual and triple sim cards, there are so many reasons for this invention and change, some of them i can think of are saving you from the hassle of charging two devices, carry and manage two devices etc.

Now, Let me tell you how to do this mag…