Two Whatsapp account in one Phone? - how is this possible!!

How Awesome it is to use one mobile device with two whatsapp application with two different numbers! not just whatsapp but Instagram!, Facebook! , Facebook Messenger! and many more.

When you can have two sim cards in one mobile device to manage calls, then why not use the same single mobile device for using two whatsapp applications?

Yes! what you see in the above image is true, you will have two whatsapp applications installed in your single mobile device and yes you can configure two different numbers in these two similar apps.
For many this would be known, for others this would be like a blessing, just like me!
and yes - you would not even need a dual sim mobile device, but yes you will need two numbers :) 

Mostly all mobile devices are launched with dual and triple sim cards, there are so many reasons for this invention and change, some of them i can think of are saving you from the hassle of charging two devices, carry and manage two devices etc.

Now, Let me tell you how to do this mag…

Apple Devices bug and fix - Is your conversation being heard secretly?

A newly discovered privacy bug in Apple's FaceTime software allows users to hear and see the person they are calling, without the recipient even picking up. The glitch impacts iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.1, and Apple PCs running macOS with the newly added Group FaceTime feature.
 Here’s how it goes: you begin calling somebody via FaceTime Video from within the Phone app. Before that person picks up, you can swipe up to add your own phone number to the call. Once you’ve added yourself, FaceTime immediately seems to assume it’s an active conference call and begins sending the audio of the person you’re calling, even though they haven’t yet picked up.

A newly discovered privacy bug in Apple's FaceTime software allows users to hear and see the person they are calling, without the recipient even picking up! The glitch impacts iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.1, and Apple PCs running macOS Mojave with the newly added Group FaceTime feature.

Here’s how it goes: you begin calling some…

Worlds First – Artificial Intelligent News Reporter unveiled

Artificial Intelligent New Reporter!!, with all due respect to the news reporters, first of all it is so difficult to believe many of these news reporters, fake and manipulated news, mostly driven by political impression. But even after all of this AI thing, believing the news is still going to be the same - Pun Intended only 😊

You will find here the introductory video and the first news presented by the world’s first AI Anchor.
This amazing development and initiation is a partnership between Xinhua News Agency, China’s official state-run media outlet, and, a Chinese search engine company, Although, It is still in the “Uncanny Valley”- a term used to describe human-like robots and avatars which seem subtly unrealistic.”, but there are always gradual improvements in any development or program, cannot wait to see how real can this become, where it would still be in the Uncanny Valley but for Humans.
Personally, I am a Fan of AI, the eruption of the AI era is just getting divulge…

What is Ergonomics?- No work after 5 pm? And 4 days work week, How sweet is that?

This topic isn’t about the cliche discussion of Work Life Balance, but i would say it is something which will impact work life balance for sure for many of us and the way we are working.

Someone is really researching ergonomics (the study of people's efficiency in their working environment) and implementing it for sure, glad to know it is impacting positively.
The recent decision ( not sure if it is a pilot for some months and results of this decision is still not published) by Amit Agarwal - Amazon India Head to its employees not to answer calls and emails after office working hours is path breaking and a bold decision when rest of other organisations associated with Amazon are working as usual. Can only imagine the disruption and the impact of this decision in other organisations. Amit also advised of not to take any decisions between 6pm and 8am. Seriously, not sure how are they going to survive! but is it just the beginning of a change or a trend for others to follow? Or just ano…

Office Politics, Good or Bad?

Want to begin with Office politics as a topic, a very prominent,"openly"unspoken and a strong one indeed. 
For most of you, doesn't politics as a word brings in pessimistic thoughts, is it because of the way we are programmed or programmed our self? or is it because of the derived human nature of thinking negative before thinking positive or being more pessimistic than optimism?
Politics can be defined as good or bad based on experience of an individual, it is a perception which we create by perceving things/situations.
Office politics is highly unspoken and mostly used and has no rules, in stronger organisations it would help built trust, postivity and urge to achieve more. Weaker organisations would simple succumb to politics, it would encourage fear and distrust.
Staying away from it is like staying away from the sun :).. not possible, it is like something which is inevitable, bound to happen, Just like Murphy’s law.
Being a part of it?- This can be or cannot be your choic…